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6years experience in custom solution for lithium battery packs.

Delong Energy has been committed to providing the best custom lithium-ion battery packs for users around the world. And accumulated a wealth of experience in the field of lithium-ion batteries.



We have a professional R&D and manufacturing team

The delong Energy team covers ID design, electronics, construction, power, process, measurement and control.

Provide high quality and more reliable products

Strict quality control, semi-finished product inspection, sampling inspection, and comprehensive inspection.

Our customized program coverage is more comprehensive

Delong Energy custom lithium-ion battery packs are widely used in military, pharmaceutical, financial, communications, security and protection, logistics, mining, photovoltaic and 3C consumer products.

Free one-to-one lithium battery pack design

Lithium battery pack design custom manufacturer

Shenzhen Delong Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012.


Since its establishment, Delong has always been committed to portable power supply (AC power bank, PD power bank), 

LiFePo4 battery, power battery, energy storage lithium battery, industrial lithium battery, consumer 3C battery and other users.After 6 years of development, it has become a world-famous lithium battery pack customization solution and product supplier.



Quick / Focused / Precise

Shenzhen Delong Energy Technology Co.,Ltd is one of leading lithium ion battery manufacturer in China , our management teams have been in lithium ion battery field for more than 10 years,we have own factory and testing room and sales center.Our factory is located in Dongguan city,Guangdong Province which is occupied with more than 5,000 square meters,we have strong R&D department,more than 200 well trained workers who can ensure to make high quality and more stable products.

DELONG     New Energy Suppliers


Poland Electronics Expo 2018
Poland Electronics Expo 2018

Poland Electronics Expo 2018

Shenzhen Delong Energy Technology Co.,Ltd is one of leading lithium ion battery manufacturer in China , our management teams have been in lithium ion battery field for more than 10 years,we have own factory and testing room and sales center.Our factory is located in Dongguan city,Guangdong Province which is occupied with more than 5,000 square meters,we have strong R&D department,more than 200 well trained workers who can ensure to make high quality and more stable products. Dongguan Delong is a CE,ROHS,IEC62133,ISO9001:2015 certificated high-tech factory.We specialized in developing,manufacturing new energy customized products which cover 18650 lithium ion battery pack,
Indonesia international electronics Jakarta Expo 2018
Indonesia international electronics Jakarta Expo 2018

Indonesia international electronics Jakarta Expo 2018

Our main products are rechargeable lithium ion battery pack and electric vehicle battery
Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2018
Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2018

Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2018

Our batteries are in the forefront of launching new energy of lithiumion battery series